Let’s talk about your morning routine. Are you flying by the seat of your pants? Are you living in a constant rush from the time you go to bed until you wake?

Life isn’t supposed to be that way, friend.

If you see the phrase “Self-Care” and immediately scoff and think “that’s not for me I do not have time”, let me tell you that you have more time than you think.  In fact, we often think we do not have time for most of the things we really want, but it’s just an excuse that we allow ourselves to believe.

At some point in our lives, we allowed ourselves to believe that it really should take an entire day to do the laundry and load the dish washer. We allowed ourselves to believe that family drama, though emotionally draining, should take all our extra time. WRONG! So very wrong, friend.

This leads me to the “How TO” portion of this article. I love a good “How To” and here is my best advice. Write out 24 hers on a piece of paper. Write it out. Seems silly, but it’s eye opening.

Make a list of what you should do each night before bed. Then every day keep up with your activities. You will be amazed by the gaps of time you have and by the amount of time that is wasted. Write down each time you open an app on your phone or the amount of time you spend doing laundry. Do this for a week. Then evaluate it. Look for places where you have extra time. Look for ways that you can improve efficiency in your day-to-day life.

One thing that I found super helpful was multi-sized garment bags. I use these for my laundry. I just automatically sort my laundry as I throw it into the hamper. This cuts my laundry time down. I do not have to sort as much and most of the time most of my laundry can wash together. That makes me happy y’all.

Another fun laundry tip, TRAVEL BAG ORGANIZERS. While you are folding your laundry, sort it into these nifty little bags. It makes your cabinets and chester drawers look nice and tidy. Also, saves you a few steps. So, there is a story behind this epiphany. I traveled a good bit before 2020. I would take my organizer from my suitcase to the hotel cabinets and drawers in just a few minutes and would basically move in for a day or week. I loved that feeling of organization when I traveled. Still do. Also, if you are staying somewhere longer than one night, you should totally unpack and settle in. Just saying.

Take the wins! Little things like making your bed every morning are huge boosts to a positive mindset and will help you have a restful night’s sleep. Set a notebook with a pen and paper by your bed and make a list of things you need to do each morning. Even better, once you have established your daily time schedule OWN IT. Make your “To-Do” list a priority and put it on your schedule.

Don’t forget to schedule things that make you happy. These can be daily walks, manicures, coffee dates with friends, an hour with a good book in your favorite reading spot, whatever makes you happy is self-care!

Now if you are still grappling with the thought of writing down your daily activity no worries, here is a nice printable created by reallygreatsite.com

What are some of your tips to staying productive and on task? I would love to hear them. Drop them in the comments below.


Less mess in 2021.

Create a space that helps you stay motivated and inspired.

It is not organized chaos, sis. It is a mess.

Do not hate me. I used to say this often when I was working on something super important. Post-it notes everywhere, coffee cups everywhere, stacks of papers, and so on, but after the project was over, I found it hard to clean up the chaos. See 1 day of “organized chaos” is normal. Maybe two days. A week, well that is a mess. A month, well that is a problem. 6 months, I am sure that little mess has escalated because that is what happens with messes right?

I want to help. Here are some tips that can be applied to any space.

  • Envision what you want.

Be realistic. You need to know what your budget is and how much time you must set aside to complete this remodel. You also need to be realistic with your personal capabilities. HGTV is so fun to watch, but if you cringe at “some assembly required” then do not limit your vision, but factor in the cost of assistance.

Remember that bold colors can darken a room over time as the paint ages, so invest in good lightening.
  • Set a timeline.

DO NOT DRAG THIS OUT. Nothing will slow your workflow down worse than a slow remodel process. When your office is a mess so is your work. Do yourself a favor and set a realistic timeframe for your remodel.

Mark it on your calendar and create a countdown.
  • Decide what you need.

                What would make your workspace feel inspiring? Do you need clean open workspaces, or do you work better with everything within arm’s reach? Once you know what you need you can begin making a list and going shopping. Oh, and by “going shopping” I mean look at what you have already. Yea, I know that this is a little less desirable than going shopping, but there is a reason.

  1. By using what you already have you are being cost effective and working within your budget. This could save money for extra help later in your remodel for jobs that are out of your skill set or that you do not have time for such as painting, adding shelving, or assembling furniture.
  2. By using what you have you can quickly get a fill for what your workspace will look like and try out the “workflow” before you commit to furniture and office supplies.
Seeing what you have on hand also helps you clean out stuff collecting dust in storage. Win win!
  •  Get to work              

I cannot not stress this enough, do not drag out a remodel. Remodels be or small can throw anyone off their game. Lay out the plan and hop to it. Document your process and show it off on your Insta Story and Reels for your followers to see the BEHIND-THE-SCENES transformation. You will be surprised how many will reach out wanting tips and will be inspired by your openness to share.

You will probably take a minimum of 5 selfies in the remodel process to send to close friends and family. We all do it 🤣. Just upload a few to your story. 😉

Last but certainly not least…Beauty is in the imperfections. Give yourself grace if your remodel does not turn out exactly as planned because you, boss babe or boss dude extraordinaire, took control of your life and made it happen!

Megan Spring, blogger