Netflix and Chill with Me

Let’s address the elephant in the room, QUARANTINE! If you are stuck at home by choice, by sickness, or maybe your job has made the switch from in the office to “in home”, here are some of my top NETFLIX Picks.


What a Girl Wants


Legally Blonde

The Social Network

The Time Traveler’s Wife

The Price & Me (1 not sequels #sorrynotsorry)

Hometown Holiday

Binge worthy TV

Historical Dramas:


The Crown

Downton Abbey

Feel Good Dramas


Gilmore Girls

Sweet Magnolias

Virgin River

You may notice that some of these are a little dated, well that’s me. I love a classic. Did you know that Legally Blonde just celebrated 25 yrs.! WOW! I also included a few of my favorites from my high school years. Where are my 2000-ish graduates? Let’s reminisce together. What movies were your favorites in high school?

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