How to: look like you have it together!

In sales you will find there are those that look frazzled most of the time and those that look like success comes naturally.

*Please hold your eyerolls.*

In almost 10 years I have been BOTH!

I have learned so much through my time in sales. In my business, we always say there are “no emergencies”. Why? Because it is true. Everything is always figureoutable.

Recently I was reminded about how I would wait till the last minute to complete ALL school projects. I laughed so hard reminiscing with my schoolmates about my epic procrastination tendencies. It was not that I did not want to do the work, but that I loved the thrill of a DEADLINE!

Okay, if you have not noticed I like a little adrenaline rush even if it is of the academic variety.

When I first began my career in sales, I followed the same pattern.

Oh, I would listen to the lectures and attend the seminars about best business practices. I would tell my mentors I was doing it all like a “good student”, and to be honest I was, but I was in a RUSH!

Then one day a light bulb went off- SPEED PLANNING! #SpringIntoAloetteOriginal

Simply put it gives you that DEADLINE PUSH, but with a cushion of time for perfection.

Are you still virtual? I love Cinchshare! Cinchshare allows you to plan and schedule all your social posts for months out. When you can look at your content in a BIG PICTURE FORMAT it helps you stay on brand as well as helps your followers “follow” the direction you are taking your brand.

What to try Cinchshare? Click Here

Full Disclosure, I do make a small monetary compensation if you use the link above, but I absolutely LOVE this service or I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Do you use Cinchshare? Let me know what your favorite feature is in the comments.

Megan Spring

Creator of Spring Into Aloette and A Day with Megan

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