Why I joined, why I stayed!

I am just a girl who was offered an opportunity and decided to ‘go for it’.  With zero sales experience and a closet introvert personality, I picked up my kit, and started my ‘new business’. At 24 years YOUNG, I grabbed a calculator and started crunching numbers. I created small goals, medium goals, and big big goals. Though life does not always work out as planned, I didn’t quit. I promoted myself into management in my first year of business. I enjoy so many aspects of my direct sales business. In the beginning, I was a young broke college student with sensitive skin. I was so excited when I discovered Aloette had products that not only felt good on my skin, but also helped with pesky breakouts! EVEN BETTER THE MASCARA DID NOT IRRITATE MY EYES! When I found out that I could get 25% off all future purchases and make extra income when friends or family wanted to purchase from me, I didn’t have to think about it. Now at 33, I am even more in love with this company because not only do they supply me with all the products I need personally at an incredible value plus a great personal income, but I have made amazing friendships with women all over the U.S. and Canada.

I’ve been truly blessed by this company! Every year through amazing mentorship and leadership each year I can say that I have grown in my business and personally. I may not always hit the sales goals I set every year, but that’s okay. I learn something new about myself and my team every month and find a new way to continue grow.

The thing is that I was told that if I, “leaped the net would appear”. True story! I remember saying, “I need a job with insurance.”, but my mentor gave me the number to a private insurance agent. I remember saying, “I have to make a certain amount of money every month”. My mentor grabbed a pen and paper and planned it out with me by doing parties. I called her after each party and told her if my party was awesome and….if it was terrible. There were a few times that I had to quit for the night and start back working the next day. EKK!

I learned the importance of reaching out for help within my franchise and company. When one excels, we all excel! We adjust each others crowns, and we lift each other up. If you are looking for a company that has amazing products with a great discount, look no further. If you are looking for more than that, let’s chat! My only hope is that you, dear reader, finds these products as helpful I do, and that if you choose to join our company-YOU HAVE AS MUCH FUN…IF NOT MORE…AS I HAVE!!!!

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