Fun with makeup…

Never have I ever…. had the desire to spend HOURS doing my makeup or hair. Honestly, I would rather conquer my day with mascara and lip gloss. I must say after watching a few YouTube videos, well a lot of videos, I feel like I can see the fun in “face painting”. *insert giggles here* If I am being honest, I really do like the full-face look at least for special occasions. I practiced with just a few products. I used a duo concealer to highlight and contrast my cheekbones. Then, I used an old-fashioned wedge sponge to blot and blend a light foundation. Some disagree with applying concealer first, but in this instance applying it first does not affect the integrity of the product. Moving on…

Setting sprays are my newly found BFFs. I never knew that I needed a setting spray in my life until I started using it. WOW! Okay so here is the scoop about setting sprays, you want to layer it. Spray before you apply your foundation then again after you finish applying your colors. Try to have fun with it. Remember if it doesn’t turn out like you like grab an essential cleansing oil and wash it off. Start again.

Shake & Spray

Be you. Have fun. Wear the false lashes, but remember you look fabulous without them. Red lipstick is for everyone! Finally, never let anyone tell you that your hair is big enough. Tease it until your heart is content.

Stock your makeup with this link http://www.aloette.com/Meg



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