The fear I did not know I had.

Hello Cabo!!!

            I think we’ve all experienced this before at some point in our lives. That fear deep down, so far down we didn’t even know it existed. That was me somewhere around 2014.  2014 Megan thought she was somewhat fearless at least that was until I found out I earned my first free vacation with my company. ALL THE FEELS, y’all. I do mean ALL the feels.

            I was so proud of myself. I really went for this trip. I tracked my progress EVERYDAY! I was ALL IN! Then one day I realized that my hard work paid off and I EARNED MY TRIP! Still I was just excited for opportunity to travel SOMEWHERE! I created Pinterest boards about all the places I wanted to see and could not stop shopping! FYI, if you find yourself struggling to find a swimsuit might I suggest Cupshe! I think I took like 10 swimsuits for a weeklong trip. Yea, my suitcase runneth over.

Infinity pools are my favorite!

            For me, putting all my focus on the exciting adventure ahead prevented me from realizing I was terrified of flying. I realized that the night before my flight. I broke out in a full-blown sweat! I think I stayed up for about 36hrs straight. My mind was racing, heart was pounding, and all I wanted to do was look like I was not about to cry. Everyone I was traveling with were travel pros. They were so excited to head to the airport and I could feel my feet turning into concrete. I was immobile.

            Everything changed when I was sitting at my gate. My sweet friend, manager, president, and all-around Aloe-oda (Get it, Aloette Yoda.) sat down beside me. She said, “once we start to take off close your eyes and pretend it’s God guiding the plane”. I will never forget those wise words from Mindy Boyd. I did exactly what she said and sure enough my first-time flying was awesome!

            I look back at my photos from 2014 and feel so proud of myself. I am proud that I worked hard for something for a solid year and earned it. I am so proud of myself for not letting fear stop me from having one of the best adventures of my life. Now I still have this fear, but I no longer feel like I am going to pass out.

Also, 2014 I learned that I am not a fan of public speaking! 🤣

Please do not get me wrong, I still get butterflies before every flight. Butterflies not pterodactyls.  After countless flights, I get a sense of excitement the second I enter an airport. I love when the airport has a nice Starbucks!!! Coffee makes me so happy! The important thing to remember is that sometimes fear just sneaks up on you, but with a few deep breaths and some helpful friends you can tackle anything.

-Megan Spring

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