Welcome to ‘A day with Megan”.  My name is Megan Spring, and this is my personal blog. I am a blogger, I think. This is more like a working experiment. I love to write, read, and research so I felt like this would be a great platform to do all the things.  I may write a little and I may write a lot, but I can assure you of one thing…IT WILL BE WONDERFULLY RANDOM.

My friends and family have urged me to tell “my story” but being a true introvert with extrovert qualities I found myself procrastinating. Telling the world about the emotions that come with finding out that, in a nutshell, your brain is too big for your head, is rather daunting. My head and brain are perfectly fine now, but more on that in another post. 

I have been extremely blessed by God in my life. I am blessed with an amazing family and great friends that even on my worst days they are always my biggest cheerleaders. My mother always calls me “her shining diamond”. This term of endearment was coined from my sweet cousin who helped coach me for a local pageant.  I thought she was teaching me how to walk and stand pretty, but she was really helping me develop confidence in my own inner beauty as well as outside beauty.   

I decided to join a company about 8 years ago, and because of that my small friend circle turned into a continuously growing circle of friends.  I have been able to travel through private events, home shows, business meetings, conferences, and a few incentive trips. If you love to travel, click “subscribe”. I will be documenting places and excursions from my trips as well as my “TRAVEL WISH LIST”.

Stay tuned for more “A day with Megan”.

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